Traveling in the European Union and being covered by Health Insurance

Sickness and illnesses befall people all the time. Some are pre-empted while some are not. Furthermore, visiting new places means change of environment and sometimes maybe changes of weather and climate. While visiting the European Union, it is a policy that people obtain health insurance, which covers medical treatment for any unexpected illness during the visit in the EU. The policy ensures that visitors to the EU whether on business, study or holiday trip are entitled to medical cover. The policy also ensures that the visitors continue to enjoy medical insurance cover that they were initially enjoying in their home country.

The EU uses the European Health Insurance Card, better known as EHIC. This card is often issued to visitors and must be presented in case of treatment of illness that is covered under the insurance policy. The EHIC also simplifies reimbursement and payment procedures. The card is very important. In the event that one does not have the card and needs treatment. It may become complicated since such medical treatment will have to paid for upfront.

In some countries, the EHIC is often issued together with National Health Card but in some other countries, the card has to be applied for. The application is always free. If more than one person is visiting any member state of the EU, for example family members traveling for a holiday vacation; separate application forms need to be filled for every individual except for children under the age of 16 years. The forms are available online in different sites depending on the country of origin. After filling the forms, they should always reach the designate entitlement unit at least within 15 working days before the planned departure date.

Once the card has been issued to members, they become valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance. Since travel to European Union member states may not only be once depending on reasons for one’s visit. It is always recommended that the card is renewed. It can be renewed as from three months to the expiry date. If the  that the card is to be renewed before the actual expiry date, then a renewal application form together with the card have to be submitted to the entitlement unit.

For replacement of the EHIC, perhaps in the event of the card getting lost, a new application has to be made together with a police affidavit.

It is worth noting that the European health insurance card cover can also be used by UK citizens. This is especially worth noting, considering the recent Brexit Vote. In that regard, it is always prudent to ensure that before traveling to an EU country, you have applied for this very crucial card. In order to be on the safe side, you need to contact a reliable website that helps apply for these cards; such a site will ensure that the application is done correctly and on time.  Even in instances where you card has expired, is about to expire, or has been lost, these sites will still help you get a replacement without much trouble.

Before traveling to the EU, one should always ensure that they have the EHIC with them during the visit. There can never be certainty in one’s health condition, especially for emergency medical health conditions.